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Final Thoughts

Hello ala

As I think about how the season is winding down, I was slapped in the face that tomorrow is the last day that we will perform this show in competition.  It is real.  It has been a long season, but one of my favorites.  We designed and wrote a show that was done from the ground up.  It features arrangers from Instructors and Alumni.  I help where I can with sound design and visual light design.  Students that are doing things that are new and uncomfortable, and doing great at it.  We have a dozen first-time drumline students.  We have staff that loves teaching this group.  Our parents have delivered all around with food, props, driving, etc.  Together we have produced an exciting, stunning show.  


With us pushing you and all the hard work each and every one of you has put into this, all we can do is go out there and let all the emotions out.  We discussed this, and we need to sell the show, even though some of you may be feeling other emotions.  6:20pm will be the last time we perform this show with the group we have.  Enjoy the ride, and give it everything you got.  Have a blast.  Do it for yourself, because you deserve it.  I think I speak for all the staff when I say, we are extremely proud of every one of you students.  I hope at the end of the day we helped you to be better people and better musicians.  I know you all have made me a better person.  

Thank you all for allowing me to be part of this musical journey with you.  

Show them what DC Drumline is about.  



Tour Shirts

Students were given their tour shirts, and for the parents if you ordered one, it was sent home with your student if they were at practice on Thursday.  If you were not please see Kyle Myers on Saturday!


MPA Championships


Saturday April 1, 2023 SHOW DAY!!!!!

Schedule for MPA Championships.

8:00am:   Arrive at DCHS

8:30am:   Downbeat East Gym

12:00pm: Load Trailer

12:45pm: Leave DCHS (food stop Delano McDonalds)

3:30pm:   Arrive Farmington HS

5:20pm:   Push to Warm up A

5:35-6:00pm:  Warm up

6:10pm:   On Deck

6:20pm:   Feel the Emotions

6:30pm:   Return to home area.

  • Pack and load Trailer. Leave Iniform Cart out. Stay in Uniform for Full Retreat Immediately After MBI performance. Students meet in Cafeteria on the second floor.

8:45pm:   Change out of uniform and Load Cart and Bus.

10:30pm: Arrive at DCHS (Estimate)


Things to bring:

- Winning attitude

- compression wear for under your uniform.

- Black socks

- Everything you need to perform your part of the show. (this includes but not limited to Instruments, masks, sticks/mallets, food/money, Warm weather clothing)

- hats, gloves/mittens for loading and unloading the trailer.

Please NOTE that we have a Blizzard Warning in effect from 9pm tonight until 7am tomorrow morning. Our Bus drivers have the final call on if we go or not. I put in a note to the MPA on how we are notified of any changes or cancellations.

Please visit back regularly and keep and eye out for any communications.


*times subject to change

Show info

Outdoor map

Indoor map

Show information sheet


REMINDER:  every one of you represents DC High School, staff, parents, and most of all yourself.  Please be very considerate of who may be watching and present yourself as professionals and young adults fitting to represent DC Drumline.  Lastly have a blast.  You all worked hard.  Be proud of what you are going to present to the world. 


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