December Camp Schedule

Schedule for Camp Weekend.  These times may change.  Please communicate with your parents and instructors if there are changes that affect drop-off and pick-up times.  

Friday 12/09/2022

Downbeat at 6pm

Finish 9pm

Out the door 9:30pm

*there will be a light snack for break offered from boosters.

Saturday 12/10/2022

Downbeat 8:30 am

Lunch 12:00 pm

Diner 5:00 pm

Finish 10:00 pm 

Out the door: 10:30 pm

*snacks, lunch, and diner will be provided by boosters.

Sunday 12/11/2022

Downbeat 1:00 pm

Finish 5:00 pm

Out the door 5:30 pm

*whatever is left over from Friday and Saturday will be snacks for this day.

Be Prepared for Camp



  • Wear comfortable clothes and layers.  It may be warm or cold depending on the time of day and what block we are in.  Absolutely no Jeans.

  • Wear athletic shoes suitable for walking and running.  

  • Bring a water bottle. 

  • Bring all your music, Dot sheets (available online)

  • Bring Extra Sticks, Mallets, and everything you will need to perform the show. 

  • Battery if you need pads please wear them for comfort.